Maxime Simoens: A Feminine Enchantment (Part 1)

Hello there!

How are you today? Wonderful, I hope!

This week we’re gonna talk about Maxime Simoens, a French designer who focuses on designing pretty dresses for pretty ladies.

His Prêt-à-Porter collection for Autumn-Winter 2013/4 is one of the best I’ve seen from young designers. For real.

Want to take a look? That’s what the Top 3 is for!


1) Look A.

  • Colours: The palette of the garment is perfect for the season: black and baby blue.
  • Dress: The upper part is composed by a long sleeved-black chemise with transparencies and a baby blue fake corset. Only the neck, the button line and the cuffs maintain a solid tint. The lower part is a pleated high-cut skirt.
    • The neck style is classical, though smaller than the usual; this helps the neck look longer.
    • The button line brings a vertical division on the chest, which adds symmetry to the look and lengthens the figure.
    • Long sleeves like these ones, pretty tightened, help our arms look longer.
    • The corset is divided into two horizontally, which makes us look taller in automatic. The upper line is straight and functions as a sort of fake cleavage. Also, to make us look taller.
    • The high cut skirt, pleated, adds freedom and charm to every movement. The high cut makes us look taller and gives the illusion of longer legs. It makes the waist look smaller, too.

So, what do you think? Like it?

Hope you liked this post, crazy diamonds! Remember to shine all over and dream on!

See you tomorrow for the presentation of the second place?

: )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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