Maxime Simoens: A Feminine Enchantment (Part 2)

Hi, hi!

It’s the middle of the week already! My my! Got any plans for the weekend? Do you know what you’re gonna wear on Friday yet?

Maybe the second place of the Top 3 will help you figure it out! ; )


2) Look B.

  • Colours: The palette of the garment is composed by electric pink and black. One of my favorite combinations, honestly. I mean, look at it! It’s so youthfull and energetic!
  • The Dress
    • The black pattern in the middle of chest and torso gives wholeness to the dress; it connects upper and lower part.
    • The neckline is basic round though thanks to the black drawing there’s the illusion of a neck detail there. You see? Some sort of pointy collar.
    • Sleeveless is perfect to look leaner, because it focuses the attention on torso and legs, which form some sort of vertical line. If it had short sleeves, for example, it wouldn’t be a vertical line anymore; it would be more of a cross.
    • The folds on the skirt add freedom and charm to every movement.
    • The skirt is a high cut skirt, which makes us look taller because everything moves sort of upwards. Plus, it makes the legs look longer.

What do you say? Worthy of the second place?

Gotta go, crazy diamonds, but you go on dreaming on and shining all over, ok?

Don’t miss the winner tomorrow!

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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