Maxime Simoens: A Feminine Enchantment (Part 3)

Hey, you guys! What’s up?

So, today’s Thursday, which means??? That’s right! Winner’s Day!

Let’s meet the winner of the Top 3, shall we?


3) Look C.

  • Colours: The palette of the garment is composed by white, black and deep blue, pretty accurate for the season, if you ask me.
  • The Dress
    • The white “v” collar makes the neck look longer.
    • The cleavage is straight and framed by the black stripes around it.
    • Speaking of the black stripes, they end up on the sides of the waist, which give the illusion of a leaner person. Why? Because colour black is confused with shadows in our brains and therefore, we think she’s thinner than she really is, pretending her torso is as thick as the light part of the dress showing.
    • Sleeveless is perfect to look leaner, because it focuses the attention on torso and legs, which form some sort of vertical line. If it had short sleeves, for example, it wouldn’t be a vertical line anymore; it would be more of a cross.
    • The belt focuses the attention on the little waist and adds curves to the silhouette.
    • The folds on the skirt add freedom and charm to every movement.
    • The skirt is a high cut skirt, which makes us look taller because everything moves sort of upwards. Plus, it makes the legs look longer.

Winner for sure, huh? The futuristic- art nouveau art of the outfit just caught me.

Time to leave, my crazy diamonds. Have a wonderful weekend shinning all over and dreaming on because, well, it’s funnier ; )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



3rd place:

2nd place:

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