Fun Fact Of The Day: Loving Him Was Red

Did you guys know that red makes anybody look sexier? That’s right!

Solid Flannel Fabric - Red

According to scientists, women find men more attractive if they’re wearing red, this because it is a colour associated with power.

On the other hand, men find girls in red hotter. Why? Well, remember those weird monkeys that show off their bright red butt? The reason they do this is because they’re trying to find a mate. What do guys have to do with this? Apparently, primates (our family) connect red with sex and mating season.

So now you know!

Wonder if that’s why FAY made so many of it’s outfits for Autumn-Winter using this colour…

You know what FAY is, right?

For those of you who don’t, find out HERE /

You’re Welcome ; )


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