Nicole Miller’s Dark Paradise (Part 1)

Whenever I think of Autumn-Winter I can’t help but to bring to my mind all sorts of dim lighted landscapes. It’s a natural thing, though. The season calls for it.

Nicole Miller knows it and that’s why her Autumn-Winter 2013/4 Ready-To-Wear collection is ready to take us to her Dark Paradise.

What I loved the most of the latest runway show of this American designer were her dresses, and that’s why they compose my Top 3. Want to see them?

Ok, you guys!

Here’s the third place:


1)   Look A. Ok, you see I meant it when I said dark paradise? This is what an angel looks like in there!

  • Palette: B L A C K
  • Cleavage: Long “V” cleavage that brings light to the models face, lengthens her neck, and makes her look taller and thinner. (This “Long ‘V’ cleavages are magic, aren’t they?) The effect is reinforced by the outline of the cleavage made of a darker shade of black.
  • Sleeves: Or, in this case, the lack of them. Sleeveless dresses and blouses tend to make us look thinner and taller, because they focus the attention of the viewer on the central part of the body (chest, torso, waist, hips, legs).
  • Skirt: High cut (up to the waist) to mark it. Its purpose is to give the illusion of a longer and leaner body, enlarge the hips and make the fabric fall as fabulously as it does. It’s high lightened by the belt in a darker shade of gray (that joins the cleavage outline).
  • Fabric: Vaporous. As an angel’s dress should be.

So? Agree with the third place? Wait to see the next one!

Have a wonderful day, crazy diamonds! Remember to shine all over and dream on because the world needs some real jewelry in movement like, well, us ; )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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