Nicole Miller’s Dark Paradise (Part 2)

Yesterday we started speaking about Nicole Miller, an American designer who surely does know how to portrait the essence of Autumn/Winter: by bringing us to her dark paradise.

Last post presented the third place ( a beautiful black gown made especially for Nicole Miller’s army of angels. Today, however, we’ll go to a completely different place.

Ready to meet the second position?


2)   Look B. This dress is a fantasy. It looks comfy yet chic and original. Sort of tomboy but still, feminine. Perfect for talking a walk around central park, isn’t it?

  • Palette: G R E E N, Olive and Emerald (Speaking of emerald, this shade of green is THE colour of the year. You DID know that, right?)
  • Collar: Traditional chemise like collar in olive green. Brings just the right amount of light to her face.
  • Cut: Straight cut perfect for any women; whether you’re curvy or not, this will fit you perfectly. It hides any bumps if any and sort of unifies the body.
  • Pattern:  The pattern is beautiful and, definitely, perfect for the season. Remember, thought, that patterns as big as this can make you look larger, so careful with them.
  • Edge: The bottom edge is super sexy because it resembles the bottom edge of a chemise and makes everyone think it is, in fact, a chemise, when, well, it isn’t.

Agree? Not agree? Like it better than the previous one? Don’t miss the winner tomorrow!

It’s time to leave, crazy diamonds! But you go on shinning all over and dreaming on like I know you do. It’s the best choice for today, really.

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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