Nicole Miller’s Dark Paradise (Part 3)

This week’s theme is Nicole Miller, an American designer who’s perfectly able to recreate a Dark Paradise through her Autumn/Winter collection.

Her dresses are just lovely and that’s why I decided to focus on them for this Top 3.

Here, second ( and third ( places, if you’d like to know them (Do! Do!)

Anyway, today’s Thursday which means Winner’s Day, which means it’s time for me to introduce you to the first position.

Here you go!


3)   Look C. OMG! I love it! Don’t you think it melts perfectly with the last leaves of the trees during fall? Wow, with this, you’d surely become Lady Autumn. You know what that makes you? The owner of the season, of course!

  • Palette: Black, beige, blue, salmon, olive.
  • Collar: Traditional chemise like collar with flounces on the buttons as it descends. This creates a vertical line that divides the body into two making her look thinner. Also, the presence of the line lengthens the body.
  • Skirt Cut: The skirt is a high cut skirt (up to the waist) or so it seems because of the belt. This marks the waist so everything doesn’t go super loose and, also, helps the fall of the fabric. The skirt is asymmetric, as you might notice, meaning it’s shorter in the front and longer behind. This creates a fabulous effect when you’re walking (like you’re caressing the air) and makes you look taller too!
  • Pattern:  Floral. Fabulous. Perfect. This pattern is smaller than the one of the previous look (-), so you don’t have to fear looking thicker.
  • Sleeves: Or, in this case, the lack of them. Sleeveless dresses and blouses tend to make us look thinner and taller, because they focus the attention of the viewer on the central part of the body (chest, torso, waist, hips, legs).

Well, that was our winner! Do you agree? Let me know what you think!

That was it for this week’s Top 3, crazy diamonds! I hope you enjoyed Nicole Miller’s creations as much as I did!

Shine all over and dream on because, believe it or not, it’s super fun! : D

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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