Etro’s Psychedelic’s Poise (Part 2)

Who said elegance comes ONLY in black and white? Yes, b & W is a classic, but what about breaking the stereotype a little bit?

That’s what Etro did and the results were marvelous.

Yesterday we saw a pretty cray outfit consisting of a long stripped b&w with a bit of see through skirt and a patterned long sleeved shirt ( That was the third place of our Top 3. Want to meet the second?


2)   Look B. Palette: warm tonalities along with black.

  • Collar: small & circular to frame the neck and make it look longer.
  • Sleeves: long sleeves to lengthen the arms.
  • Button line: Vertical, thick and high lightened by white buttons, to give the illusion of a thinner and taller body.
  • Length: Up to the knees. Keep it classy, girls!
  • Pattern: Sort of sunrays embracing the body. I mean, look at them? Are those hands? Leaves? Patterns along with black usually make everything thicker, especially with diagonal lines. In this case it’s applied to hips and chest, which causes an hourglass figure. Pretty clever, huh?
  • Belt: The belt reinforces this effect, marking the waist.

So? What do you say? Stepping out of the comfort zone can be good, huh?

Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! You never know what beautiful wonders the day may bring!

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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