Etro’s Psychedelic’s Poise (Part 3)

Personally, I love standing out. And of course, clothing is a reflection of who we are. However, I’m pretty classic as well, so I tend to keep it between black and white. I’m not a big fan of patterns, quite honestly. Or wasn’t. Until Etro changed my mind.

These are the 2nd ( and 3rd ( places of my Top 3.  See what I’m talking about ; )

Anyway, today’s Thursday, and Thursday’s “Winner’s Day”. Here, ladies and gentlemen, the 1st place:


3)   Look C. Palette: black and yellow. One of my faves!

  • Collar: Straight, to lengthen the neck.
  • Pattern: This one’s tricky. On the arms, it’s quite counterproductive. See how it makes them look much bigger? Horizontal lines. Now, even though there are some of these ones on the chest too, it doesn’t matter because of the cut accentuating the waist (plus, is delimited by vertical black lines).
  • On the lower part of the dress, however, the pattern changes to vertical. This serves the purpose of giving the illusion of a taller body (longer legs).
  • The black layer on the upper part of the skirt makes the space between the waist and the hips look thinner.
  • The lower part of the skirt is black as well. This makes the garment appear shorter. Again, layers. What for? To look taller and slimmer!

I ADORED this dress!!! And you?

Time to leave crazy diamonds. Go on shinning all over and dreaming on like I know you do.  I’m sure you’re the best at it ; )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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