Black Will Be Black: Barbara Bui (Part 1)

Coco Chanel used to say that black was the one and true colour. I couldn’t agree more. Black is really a sort of looking glass for our personality; I do believe it magnifies it big time. I mean, just think about it. When we see someone in black, we can’t help it and immediately take him/her seriously. Black is a symbol of elegance and elitism, and as weird as it may seem, it can help us to stand out at times.

Of course, Barbara Bui knew this and that’s why she brought to us this wonderful entirely black collection for the next season, so we’re always “The Classiest of them all”.

And now, from my very own Top 3 of Barbara Bui’s Autumn-Winter 2013/4 Ready-To-Wear Collection, the 3rd place:


1)   Look A. Palette: Black.

  • Blouse.
  • General Description: The T-shirt is designed downwards, meaning all our attention is drawn to the vertical center of the body thanks to a “V” effect. What for? Well, focusing the eyes in the vertical middle of a figure makes it look taller and slimmer because it sort of creates a line, and lines, the vertical ones at least, tend to stylize everything.
  • Sleeves. Or the lack of them in this case. This forces our eyes to focus on the torso, making us believe the figure is thinner because we don’t consider the arms as part of it. Also, it shows the shoulders, and shoulders are beautiful.
  • Collar. Circular collar, high neck. Don’t wear this kind of collar if your neck is short, it shortens it. For those who have a long neck, please do wear, this cut frames it beautifully.
  • Belt. Sort of. It delineates the waist. Why is it a good idea? Because it’s the kind of detail that turns a random t-shirt into a runway product. As simple as that.

I’m so not talking about the pants because, well, they’re pretty classic. Clean though, which I love about Barbara Bui. She’s very minimalistic.

What do you think of the blouse? Like it? Tell me about it!

I’ve got to go, Crazy Diamonds! I hope you’re shinning all over and dreaming on even if today hasn’t been exactly the greatest day ever. It’s all about the attitude guys, really. P.S. If you’re having a dark day, don’t wear black!

Take care! Lotta love! Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE Spain:


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