Black Will Be Black: Barbara Bui (Part 2)

Yesterday we were speaking about the great advantages wearing black brings to our style (, but here’s a fun fact: Do you know why it is so popular during Autumn – Winter? Well, it is mostly because black is the kind of color that absorbs the light and turns it into heat, getting us warmer. Pretty awesome, huh? It’s elegant, it’s cozy, it’s black.

Anyway, from my pretty Top 3 of Barbara Bui’s Autumn-Winter 2013/4 Ready-To-Wear Collection, the 2nd place:


2)   Look B. Palette: Black.

  • Little Black Dress: A classic. Not too short, though if you feel like you need a bit more fabric, you can try it out with leggings as the model on the photo. This will also stylize your legs and make them look longer.
  • Lines. This garment is the result of the addition of three sections, two of them composed by thick horizontal lines.
  • The first one exposes the shoulders and the neck in all their glory. This kind of neck/collar/cleavage tends to make the neck look longer.
  • The second line is in charge of the breasts, which adds a sexy yet elegant touch.
  • The third section peaks up, which, like in the outfit of the previous post, draws the attention to the center of the body, making our minds imagine immediately a vertical line that lengthens and slims it all.
  • High of the third section. This part begins 2/3s of the ribs, which sort of moves up the waist, giving the illusion of a taller person.
  • Peak. The peak of the third section joins with the second section in a way that it ends up leaving two triangles of bare skin. This makes us believe the waist is smaller. Why? Because our minds focus mainly on the parts covered with fabric/colour.

It’s quite nice, isn’t it?

I’ve got to go, Crazy Diamonds! Shine all over and dream on like only you know how.

Take care! Lotta love! Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE Spain:


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