Black Will Be Black: Barbara Bui (Part 3)

During the week we’ve been speaking of the many wonders wearing black brings along. Now, I don’t know what reasons Barbara Bui had for making her latest collection mostly in black, but well, at the end of the day, the simplest of the answers is the following: “Black Will Be Black”.

We’ve seen the 3rd  ( and 2nd ( places of my Top 3 of Barbara Bui’s Autumn-Winter 2013/4 Ready-To-Wear Collection. You know what’s missing? Getting to know the winner of course!

Here, the 1st place:


3)   Look C. Palette: Black & White.

  • Jacket. Loving the cleavage. As in the last look, the bare skin showing helps us look taller and slimmer. Why? Because our minds focus mainly on the part uncovered by the garment, meaning our brains believe the model is as thin as the part of her body that actually shows.
  • Cleavage. More specifically, it’s a long “V” cleavage. This creates a fake waist and a very angular hourglass shape.
  • Collar. Angular. The prelude to the cleavage. Also, it frames the neck beautifully and makes it look longer.
  • Shoulder Detail. This serves the purpose of making the arms look thinner, because we automatically compare them to the shape above. It enlarges the our back horizontally speaking, so careful with it if you have a thicker complexion.
  • Cuffs. White. The change of colour automatically produces layers, and layers make everything look longer and slimmer. In this case, the arms.

Well, tell me, isn’t this “The Winner”? I believe it is! I SO need it in my closet!

Time to leave, Crazy Diamonds! Shine all over and dream on through out the day! Any day at any time, anything can happen.

Take care! Lotta love! Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE Spain:




One thought on “Black Will Be Black: Barbara Bui (Part 3)

  1. Black is always the go-to colour for covering up and being smart but I saw a Gucci show recently I think it was, and the whole Winter line was in shades of Black. It looked very sleek overall but it was too much, I believe when it’s cold we need to use a it of psychology and warm ourselves up a bit with bright colours too :).

    The jacket in the photo above is lovely, obviously well cut but I think many a lady’s bosom will burst out of it especially with the multitude of support bras that are worn. The same goes for those a bit ample in the midriff, this jacket doesn’t look like it offers much support but will look excellent on those more slender. That said, those who are slender don’t need the ‘slimming effect’ and the harsh lines might not be so complimentary.

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