« Bienvenue, Ma Chérie ! » Ralph Lauren Brings “La France” To The Runway (Part 1)

One of my top designers is Ralph Lauren. Why? Because of this chic air you get with a simple chemise from something as simple as his ready-to-wear collection. One thing I love of the garments he presents is that they’re wearable almost whenever and wherever.

Also, they’re timeless.

Anyway, for this year’s Autumn – Winter Ready – To – Wear Collection, he inspired in the beautiful Europe; more specifically, France.

Here, the third place of my Top 3 of Ralph Lauren’s latest collection:


1)   Look C. Oh, là là! Ok. I know this is stereotyping the French a lot, but hey! Blame it on Chanel, she’s the one who implemented the fashion of horizontal stripes!

  • Palette: Black & White.
  • Components:
  • Black high cut straight pants with two rows of buttons on the edges of the sides. Remember, high cut equals taller and thinner!
  • Black jacket. No buttons. Rounded bottom. Shirt collar style. Excellent slimming effect.
  • Horizontally striped sweater. Careful with this one, it might make you look larger! Wearing a jacket on top is a wise decision. Layers!
  • White chemise. A classic. Always a good idea.
  • Ribbon. Lovely. Calls the attention to the center of the body.

Do you guys have any comments on this one? I simply adore it! : D

Well, crazy diamonds, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow to meet the second place. I lo-lo-lo-love you! Shine all over & dream on!

Take Care. Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE Spain: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/otono-invierno-2013-2014-nueva-york-ralph-lauren/8149


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