PUNK IS NOT DEATH: Met Ball 2013 (Part 1)

There are many events fashionistas look forward to throughout the year, needless to say, mainly due to the red carpet. It’s just, there’s something about the magic of the ritual that drags us in immediately, the beauty and perfection of the aesthetics reflected on the most wonderful creations of our favorite designers carried by our beloved celebrities.

One of these events is the Met Ball, where glamour can be found in every single detail, from the last stitches of a Balmain dress to the Swarovski crystals on somebody’s hair.

This year, however, I dare to say it exceeded many of our expectations. The theme was “Punk” and I must admit I was surprised so many were able to follow the code successfully. Some of them did better than others, of course.

The predominant color on the red carpet was black, what else? It’s the king of the punk palette. This is the reason why I chose, for this week’s Top 3, the best black dresses of the Met Ball 2013, because they didn’t just honor the code, but also understood it to the core.

Third Place:

C_NinaDobrev_Monique LhuillierWhy did she win the third place?

  • Well, let’s start by saying that one of the main characteristics of the punk movement is the sexual energy it displays. This Monique Lhuillier design is as sensual as elegant. The combination between leather and lace is a perfect duo that makes the statement quite clear.
  • Variety of materials = layers. Layers save us the need for accessories a lot of times. This is not the exception. Dress and earrings are all she needs.
  • The cleavage is gorgeous, because it manages to keep it classy while displaying Nina’s natural attributes.
  • It’s a high cut dress, which means it automatically lengthens the body, causing Nina to look taller and thinner.
  • The looseness of the dress on the back gives the illusion of a cape, a great way to enhance her every move.
  • The leggings underneath follow the pattern on the chest, giving the design some kind of continuity.

Well, crazy diamonds, what do you think? Did you like Nina’s dress?

Have a wonderful week, you guys! See you tomorrow to greet our second place. Any guesses?

Shine all over and dream on, my friends!

Take care. Lotta love. Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE UK


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