In Cannes With The Girls

So far, my favourite look of the red carpet has been Marion Cotillard in Vivienne Westwood:



–       The volume of the dress. It’s amazing how it folds and fits her body perfectly, delineating her silhouette in a way we can really appreciate the curves.

–       The texture of the fabric. It’s sort of messy but it still looks expensive. It’s what I like to call relaxed chic. Also, it looks comfy, even when it probably isn’t.

–       The colours. Pastel tones that go adorably with Marion’s skin. It makes you think almost immediately, “Isn’t she the sweetest?”

–       The asymmetry. The tail of the dress gives quelque chose to her walking. You should try it. Short on the front and long at the back is a total enchantment!

And you? Which has been the best outfit d’après vous?

Take care, crazy diamonds! Shine all over & dream on!



Photos taken from VOGUE UK.


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