“OH, SUNSHINE!”: Short Legs? THESE are THE shorts for YOU! (PART 1)

Summer is about to start, and we all know what that means: shorts and skirts and dresses!!! In other words, the MUSTS for this season.

But hey! Do you already know what kind of garments stylizes your figure the most? If you don’t, don’t despair! That’s what I’m here for. Let’s start with shorts for short legs.

If you have short legs, it’s basic for you to wear high-waist shorts. Why? Because they move upwards the horizontal half of the body, visually lengthening our whole structure.

If your legs are super slim, try shorts that really adhere to the body. Cuffed shorts are a pretty good option too. If your case is just the opposite, wear shorts with relaxed cuts (wider ends) or lots of pleats.

During the week I’ll be publishing various options of shorts according to different styles. See which one fits you the best and be ready for some summer fun!

Today? Today will be Classy Tuesday:


Follow these advices and you’ll be the shiniest diamond in town!

Hope you enjoy it! Take Care! Lotta Love! Ciao!



P.S. Still need more information? Need a bit image consulting? Write to me at alana.chvz@gmail.com and I’ll make sure to answer all your questions!


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