7 Things You Didn’t Know About Karl Lagerfeld

1)   His last name is actually Lagerfeldt, but he changed it to Lagerfeld under the thought that the new version of his family name was way more commercial.

2)   He was bffs with Andy Warhol.

3)   He expressed interest in fashion at an early age. He’d cut out pictures from fashion magazines and criticize what his classmates wore for school.

4)   Lagerfeld began his career in the industry as Pierre Balmain’s assistant, after winning the coat category of a design competition. He left three years later saying, “I was not born to be an assistant”.

5)   When offered to work on Chanel, everybody told him the label was death. He took it. He believed he could make it come back. It was a challenge.

6)   He didn’t really trust Stella McCartney as a designer. All he said when announced she would take his place at Chloé was: “Let’s hope she’s as gifted as her father”.

7)   Lagerfeld lost 90 lbs in the name of fashion. “Vanity is the healthiest thing in life”, he claims.



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