5.1) Clutches are quite formal, so match them to something their calibre (short suits, great dresses, high-cut long skirts, jeans with blazer/chemise).

5.2) Maxi-bags will make you look thinner.

5.3) Sling bags will make you taller.

5.4) Backpacks are cute if they’re delicate, simple, medium/small size and preferably made of black/bronze/chocolate coloured leather.  Soft coloured floral prints may do as well.

5.5) Matching bag with shoes brings up pretty good results.

5.6) Opt for plain coloured bags (preferably without many ornaments). They’re easier to combine.

5.7) If the bag is too small, change it or throw stuff away.


Rule #1: Colour Palette

Rule #2: Patterns

Rule #3: Proportion

Rule #4: Shoes

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