Trouble in Paradise: YSL Croisière 2014

Or better said, trouble IS in paradise. Yves Saint Laurent latest collection is full of dynamism, elegance and rock and roll.

Who said being a good girl is a full time job? With this outfit, even the shiest of us can turn into a total cherry bomb!

K e y   c o n c e p t s   of the collection:

1) Black and White

2) Minimalism (Less is More)

3) High Waist Cuts

4) Deep “V” Cleavages

5) Crossed Halter

6) Leather

7) Metallic Touch

U s e   t h e m !



SaintLaurent_C14_1 SaintLaurent_C14_2 SaintLaurent_C14_3 SaintLaurent_C14_4 SaintLaurent_C14_6


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