I Want MORE: TOP Accessories From Dior’s and Chanel’s Shows FW 13/4

When it comes down to a runway show, clothes aren’t the only thing shinning up there; truth be told, accessories must be given a big part of the credit as well. They stylise the models, a HUGE deal, mainly because they must show the uniqueness of the brand’s personality through her body. And that’s why today we’ll be seeing Dior’s and Chanel’s accessories from their latest collections. Here they are:

Which one fits you better?

1. Dior – Fantastic Chic

1_full-visio 5_full-visio2. Chanel – Futuristic Elegance

chanel-collector-haute-couture-nail-rings chanel-haute-couture-fall-winter-2013-14-off-the-catwalk-01 chanel-haute-couture-fall-winter-2013-14-off-the-catwalk-03 chanel-haute-couture-fall-winter-2013-14-off-the-catwalk-04



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