Napsugar Von Bittera: Bittersweet Fashion For Bittersweet Gals

I love novelties: there’s no pleasure like innovation, I believe, and that’s why Napsugar Von Bittera’s latest collection (Autumn-Winter 2014) just took my breath away.

Ok, maybe it didn’t take my breath away, but after seeing some of the pics of the runway show I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I decided to write it down instead.

What should we know about NVB?

–       It’s a Hungarian 5 year-old brand

–       The designer used to build garments for films (pretty awesome, huh?)

About the collection:

–       Laser-cut leather pieces (to die for)

–       Main colour palette: black, blue, white

–       White chemises are the key to success – a classic!

–       Conventional clothes with an unconventional touch to create a memorable outfit

My faves:




Photos taken from VOGUE.UK



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