December, * almost * winter. We’re a few days from kissing Fall and its earth tones away and welcoming the brightest season!

I personally adore December; for me, It’s amazing how this month is able to materialise this duality of being one of the coldest and yet the warmest periods of the year: let the temperature drop and our Christmasy joy begin to rise! Warm and fuzzy feelings start to outburst our pretty little hearts and it is visible through our eyes, our smiles, and of course, our actions. We suddenly feel nostalgic for family and friends, we sigh at the thought of our parents and brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, united around the evergreen Christmas tree, we want to hold and be held in order to express our love and support. And we also like to hold and be held because, man, it’s getting freaking cold.

Cold. Cold. Cold.

Now, most people would grab a scarf in order to keep their necks protected from the freezing breeze, aren’t I right? But let me tell you a secret: when it gets cold, grab some gold. No, seriously, because eventually that scarf will go away and what will you have left? A sad empty chest. My suggestion? A golden necklace to match your heart. The lights on the trees aren’t the only ones meant to be shining this season, you know?

I have a strong inclination towards heavy necklaces: huge statements, but I do understand some others prefer lighter details and well, I included some of those too. Because people.


Here, my favourite trends for Golden Necklaces this season:






Zara_ ChainNecklace2




Did you like them? What’s your favourite? And here’s an idea, now that we’re grabbing gold, how about giving some away? Donate to your favourite cause, whether it is health or kids or nature or animals, more specifically. Are you renewing your closet? Give those clothes away! Don’t know where to? No problem! Sell them and donate! And what about gifts. Oh, gifts. For every new item, gift another from your belongings (To someone who really needs it, not your equally as hoarder bff).

For an actually small percentage of us, Christmas is a precious period full of joy, delicious meals and warm homes. We’re privileged. Lots of people don’t share these seasonal benefits. Let’s spread the love. When it gets cold, grab and give some gold. 

All the love, all the best,




Pollock Would Be Proud – CÉLINE Prêt-à-porter SS14 Collection

Hi, hi!

How have you been lately, huh?!

I know, I know… it’s been a while. However, I’m back ; )

So tell me, what have you been up to? Have you checked out the new collections presented during NY Fashion Week? What about Paris’?

Speaking of Paris’, Céline’s latest collection amazed me. Walking around covered in modern art is definitely a dream come true, isn’t it?

The collection summarises itself like this:

  • Colour palette: Black, white, beige, primary colours and green
  • Patterns: Brush strokes
  • Key Garments: Loose skirts
  • Details: Huge collars. Highlighted collars (different colour)

Wanna see?

Enjoy! ; )



celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-26_103856219683 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-24_103854652076 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-23_103853435114 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-21_103852287645 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-20_103851448618 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-17_103848346674 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-1_103848346674

GUCCI VS PUCCI: The Italian War Is On (Part 3)

4) Night Gown


Similarities: Diamond cleavage. Round neck to hold it together. Black.

Differences: The Gucci dress is completely made of vaporous fabric, with feather details. The Pucci dress possesses a sold fabric and is open right in the vertical middle of the skirt.

So, what do you think? Pretty easy, huh? Gucci is more romantic while Pucci is super sophisticated. I personally prefer Pucci because it’s simpler and you know what they say: “less is more”. Nevertheless, Gucci’s pieces are also a work of art, just a little more nostalgic. It all depends on your style, which would prevail in your closet?

I hope you enjoyed spotting the differences as much as I did, have a wonderful day! And what will you say the next time someone calls you ignorant about something? Exactly: “You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Gucci and Pucci!”

Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!

Write to you later!


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Isabel Marant: Westerns are back… in Paris (Part 2)


2) Look B. More western! I’m in love with the white silk chemise. The pattern made out of applications is elegant and stylizes the figure, how? Well, see how it sort of outlines the upper part of the chest? There’s a sort of cleavage included, and remember what I always say, division lines on your outfit make you look taller and thinner. Also, the line that divides the torso helps us to look fitter. The black leather skinny pants help your legs look longer and much more defined. This, as well the skirt on the previous look and the golden belt on this one, is easy to find at any mall if you know where to look for it.


3) Look C. The Western Queen. So far we had observed only daytime outfits, but what do you think about this alternative version of “the little black dress”? I say, “Yes, please”. It’s got some golden embroidery and applications that make a faux cleavage that elongates our torso. The high of the skirt makes the model’s legs look longer and makes her look even taller. Just remember! When wearing something this short, please don’t wear heels! It might look distasteful and that’s a big “No! No!”

I think what I really like about Isabel Marant is that her looks aren’t complicated at all, and for all the fashionistas on training, it is an easy style to follow, since she uses pretty simple clothes. What do you think? Will you bring the Western back to your closet? I’m already on it!

Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Have a wonderful day! (I will). Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


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Isabel Marant: Westerns are back… in Paris (Part 1)

Honestly speaking, I’ve never been a fan of westerns, probably because to me they’re foreign and I take them as part of the folklore of another country. Say for example, when someone says the word “Western” what comes to my mind are cowboys, so that’s pretty much why I chose this title for today’s post. Isabel Marant’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 takes us back to those characteristic landscapes where duels took place and checked chemises and boots ruled the place.

Isabel Marant is relatively new in the business, and it’s a little bit more relaxed than the rest of the designers, mainly because she doesn’t work with haute couture; even though this is prêt-à-porter, it can be considered as way too relaxed compared to other maisons.

Anyway, we don’t always have to be all fancied, we could also wear more comfortable clothes and still look super fashionable. Wait! Comfortable and fashionable? Well, yes, it is possible. Don’t believe me? Take a look to Isabel Maran’ts top three!


1) Look A. Didn’t I tell you? Totally western. This look, composed by a white blouse, a white skirt and a blue & gold patterned belt is super simple and super comfy. Advantages? You can wear this almost anywhere in daytime! At school, at Starbucks, at SoHo… The embroidering on the blouse is beautiful (don’t you love the heart in the middle of it), and of course, the star of this season’s prêt-à-porter: transparencies. The skirt is actually very casual and the design isn’t complicated, the special thing about THIS skirt is that it is made of silk, which makes it compliment our movement, making us look more graceful.

To be continued.

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Miranda Kerr Strikes In & Out of the Runway

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at New York City is the most important event in the world of lingerie, and its angels are Victoria’s Secret.  One of her Angels is Miranda Kerr, who arrived extra chic to the rehearsal of the event even when she’d have to change a couple of minutes later to jump on the runway. Her outfit was such a hit, that she was qualified as one of the best-dressed celebrities from November the 5th to November the 9th by British Vogue (http://www.vogue.co.uk/spy/celebrity-photos/2012/11/5/best-dressed—09/11/12).

Honestly, I fell in love with her style. Why? Because it’s super easy to copy and fits any kind of body, a hard thing to achieve, really. It’s fresh, young, comfy and classy. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 8.41.49 AM

What is she wearing?

Leather black shorts, gray t-shirt, blue denim shirt, gray jacket, black translucent tights and Isabel Marant Cow-girl boots.

The leather black shorts make her legs look longer. The jacket is longer than the shorts so the whole person appears to be taller. The boots are an excellent choice because they focus on showing the contour of the legs, as well as the black translucent tights.

Wearing layers on the upper part of the outfit is very clever. Why? Because the denim shirt and the gray jacket make us focus on the center of the body, which is the gray t-shirt. The part of the gray t-shirt we see is so small it tricks our minds into believing Miranda’s much slimmer than she actually is. It sort of makes us think that the portion of torso covered by the gray t-shirt we see is the only portion of torso there is.

Love how the t-shirt matches the jacket. The denim shirt standing out forms two vertical blue lines that make Miranda look taller and thinner.

She’s following the three colors rule, which establishes you’re allowed to wear no more than three colors in your outfit. This adds uniformity to the look and makes it look simpler (thus, elegant), even though it’s a very complex combination of elements.

How to copy?

This one’s pretty easy. Wear mini shorts with black translucent tights and boots (even Converse boots).

Remember the three colors rule! You can match up to three colors on your outfit for a safe classic choice.

If you’re doing the layers thing, the last layer has to be the longest and the first one the shortest. The layer in the middle has to outstand so it really helps outline your body.

Oh, Miranda, when I grow up I want to be twice as fashionable as you! (Yes, twice 😉 )

Craaaaazy diamonds! Dream on and shine all over as usual, ok? See you soon! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!

P.S. Don’t miss our article on Isabel Marant later on today!

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