the power of music

One of my favourite songs performed by one of Karl Lagerfeld’s muses… Perfect.

l i t t l e c i t y


when i was in my teens, i experienced a shift in my life. the details aren’t entirely mine to share, but i will say that things seemed to be falling apart in every area of my life, in a way that was typical to a sixteen year old girl. after one overly dramatic incident between friends, i locked myself in my room for a week solid, listening to vienna by billy joel on repeat. although it may not have been the words, the melody, the song itself that gave me the strength to face my self, it’s the song that i ultimately associate with my own courage. to this day, if ever i need to remind myself to tackle one thing at a time and not be so hard on myself. even now, listening to the song as i write, i feel myself remembering the strength it took to heal…

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Fashion’s made me its prisoner…

The Black Cape


Stripes! Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors showed a LOT of stripes in their spring collections, which means stripes are coming and will be here to stay for a while! I’ve never been too fond of stripes to be honest, cause a few years ago it became really popular and I wore stripy jumpers a bit too much, so we’ll see if I’ll go there again, think it looks wicked on others though!

How do you feel, like this trend? will you go there?

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History classes you’ll actually enjoy: Vogue- Rewind


Doesn’t time traveling through 120 years of Vogue archives seem like the most in depth and glamorous history lesson you’ve ever had? But wait a minute, don’t go running via internet in hopes to find access to Vogue archives that date back to their first issue in 1892. You need to be a registered user for that luxury. Fortunately, Vogue Daily organized a slideshow that allows non-registered users to get a glimpse of the history of winter fashion throughout the past 120 years. The slideshow includes a variety of covers, advertisements, and even illustrations of  their original context.


1916 vs. 2010. I didn’t want to ruin all your fun. I figured you would want to see the whole article for yourself, so I just gave a sneak peak. Step back into time with Vogue!

photos: vogue

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What colour are you wearing today?


It is important to not only appreciate fashion, but it is more important to understand the elements of fashion. I want to focus on one element of design, color. Color (aka hue) is the most exciting element of design because it is what catches the eye first. It is the most personable and important part of fashion. For example, in picture 1, where is your eye drawn to first? The multi colored striped layer, right?

colColor represents feelings. For example, blue suggest that you are feeling down or lonely.color

Value means the lightness or darkness of a color. Under value there is tints (made when white is added). The opposite of tints is shades (made when black is added). The intensity is brightness or darkness of a color.

Neutral colors are black and white which are not actually colors. You cannot find black or white on the color wheel. Black…

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Fashion in Wonderland

Speaking of Nicolas Ghesquiere, did you know about the Alice in Wonderland fashion spread for VOGUE? Check this out!


Grace Coddington is the mastermind being the Alice and Wonderland fashion spread that features Natalia Vodianova as Alice and Marc Jacobs and Nicolas Ghesquiere as the designing cast. Tune in tonight on HBO for the premiere of The Editor’s Eyes documentary.

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music monday: lindsay lowend + jonah baseball

Reminds me of James Blake…

l i t t l e c i t y

image via paperblog

happy monday morning ninjas! hope that everyone’s weekend was as full of amazing music as mine was!! today’s music monday comes courtesy of lindsay lowend and jonah baseball. the two were previously unknown to me before a mix from greek downtempo duo keep shelly in athens pointed me in their direction and i have to say, i’m really feeling the r&b beats in their collaborative track, should be.

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