GUCCI VS PUCCI: The Italian War Is On (Part 3)

4) Night Gown


Similarities: Diamond cleavage. Round neck to hold it together. Black.

Differences: The Gucci dress is completely made of vaporous fabric, with feather details. The Pucci dress possesses a sold fabric and is open right in the vertical middle of the skirt.

So, what do you think? Pretty easy, huh? Gucci is more romantic while Pucci is super sophisticated. I personally prefer Pucci because it’s simpler and you know what they say: “less is more”. Nevertheless, Gucci’s pieces are also a work of art, just a little more nostalgic. It all depends on your style, which would prevail in your closet?

I hope you enjoyed spotting the differences as much as I did, have a wonderful day! And what will you say the next time someone calls you ignorant about something? Exactly: “You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Gucci and Pucci!”

Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!

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GUCCI VS PUCCI: The Italian War Is On (Part 2)

Let’s start, shall we?

1) Skirt & Chemise


Similarities: The skirts belong to the same style. The chemises have transparencies and turtlenecks. The two mannequins are covered in black.

Differences: The Gucci skirt is made in velvet and has got some kind of belt made of the same textile, while the Pucci one is made of leather and has an aperture on the left side. The Gucci chemise has puffed sleeves and the transparencies are covered with lace, while the sleeves of the Pucci one stick to the arms and the transparencies on the chemise are very clean, small and simple.

2) Slacks & Chemise


Similarities: Vaporous fabric for the chemise.

Differences: Where do we start? The Gucci slacks go all the way to the floor, are super loose and start on the hips, while the Pucci ones start on the waist, have no drawings on them and finish around 15 cm before they get to the ankles. The Gucci chemise has velvet details, puffed sleeves and ties, while the Pucci one appears to be completely plane. I love the sweater on the Pucci look, btw.

3) Cocktail Dress


Similarities: The length of the skirt. Vaporous fabrics. Adjusted at the waist. Black.

Differences: The Gucci dress has got a V cleavage covered in frills, lace and puffed sleeves. The Pucci dress has got a halter cleavage and a v-neck combined, an aperture in the vertical middle of the skirt, and sleeves that work as a second skin. It is also very plain and the details are on the seams, which give the illusion of geometry.

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GUCCI VS PUCCI: The Italian War Is On (Part 1)


Whenever any friend of mine tells me off because I don’t happen to know a certain song, haven’t seen a certain movie or never heard of certain book, I throw at their faces the following sentence: “Oh, really? Well, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Gucci and Pucci!”

My sister’s answer to this statement was by far the most reasonable: “Gucci is written with ‘g’ and Pucci with ‘p’” The funny thing is that it takes just a letter, it only takes one letter to go from a luxury brand to haute couture. Another fun fact: they’re both Italian.

Gucci’s whole name is “House of Gucci”, and its creative director is Frida Giannini. Even though Gucci is VERY recognized in the fashion world, it is not couture; it’s a luxury brand like, for example, Louis Vuitton. Pucci is the abbreviation for Emilio Pucci, and it is qualified as haute couture (even though here I’ll show their prêt-à-porter); its chief designer is Peter Dundas.

So, those where two dissimilarities between Pucci and Gucci (the letter and the classification), but hey! What about the style? That’s the real thing, because its what makes you tell a Gucci from a Pucci just by sight. In order to define the approaches of Pucci & Gucci I’ll compare eight looks (four each) from their collections of Fall-Winter 2012-2013. For all the comparisons, I took two looks that, even when using the same elements, were also defending their signature.

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Louboutin and Louis Vuitton: Not the same at all! (Part 2)

Where were we? Oh! Yes! Styles!

Louis Vuitton is pretty conservative and sometimes, too sober for my taste, but it’s got pretty amazing stuff (for example, the boots I’m showing you guys). My main concern about wearing any Louis Vuitton garment is that you risk looking plus agée (French for “older”) than you really are. Here, I picked up my favorite shoes from this fall/winter 2012-13. I chose to display some of their footwear as well so you can see that even in the same area, they’re pretty different.

Louboutin goes beyond our imagination, he’s all about imagination, innovation and edginess. Metal or jewelry applications, flashy colors, feathers, animal print and lacquer are only some of the few incorporations to his works of art. He doesn’t fear heels height or shapes, nor textures or conventions. My favorites from his collection were the ones below (I know they’re pretty sober, but believe me, they’re by far the soberer on the catalogue and well, yeah, I’m pretty classic).

3 2 1

So what do you think? It’s quite clear that as similar as they might be phonetically, they’re opposites when materialized. Remember, next time you’re talking about Louboutin or Louis Vuitton and someone asks you the difference, well, you know what to answer.

Have so much fun today your heart feels like blowing up with joy! Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Take Care. Lotta love. Ciao!


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Louboutin and Louis Vuitton: Not the same at all! (Part 1)

Throughout my life I’ve crashed into very fashionably confused people, which is normal, right? I mean, I don’t know a thing about physics and that’s cool too (right?). You may be thinking, “Alana, you’re crazy! Physics and fashion cannot be compared! Fashion is a natural thing!” Well, babies, so is Physics and I barely know its basics thanks to middle and high school. The thing is that, believe it or not, many people find fashion harder to understand than pure sciences, because while they have all these complicated formulas, we have all these terms and fancy designers most people find hard to pronounce and even worst, distinguish.

Confusions happen all the time. Today I’ve decided to write about one that makes my heart ache every single time: Louboutin and Louis Vuitton. Yes, maybe written they seem super different, but go on and pronounce them! If your French is quite raw, you might mistake one for another, and that’s a “No! No!”

It is normal, I mean, let’s not be mean about this. If we know how to tell apart one from another, let’s spread the knowledge! And maybe some day some time, somebody will help us understand more Physics than “everything tends to fall downwards”.

Ok, so what do we need to know? For starters, yes, they’re both French, but Louis Vuitton produces clothing, shoes, accessories and traveling cases, the last ones being their specialty since that’s how they started. The founder, Louis Vuitton, was known to produce the best baggage ever; he even worked for Napoleon the III! Louis Vuitton died in 1892 and his empire is now creatively directed by our dearly loved Marc Jacobs. Christian Louboutin, on the other hand, dedicates exclusively to footwear and still designs for his brand since he’s just about 49. Louis Vuitton signature is their monogram, while Louboutin’s is the red-lacquered sole in every single one of his creations.


Styles? Poles apart!

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Mulberry & Burberry: Berry different indeed (Part 2)

Hi! Hi! So, the first part was all about facts, but THIS is all about visuals. Ready?

Here, the main looks of Burberry Prorsum’s and Mulberry’s Spring-Summer 2013 Collections:












Even though Burberry has been on the market way longer than Mulberry, its designs scream modernity (metallic fabric, anyone?). Also, Burberry experiments with the female silhouette. Pros: Innovation meets class. Cons: Its outfits are for rather lean women. Comments: love the capes, my favorite one is the purple worn along with the dark blue dress. That kind of neck shape makes our necks look longer ; )

Now, Mulberry is traditional to the core; I mean, even the shorts are long! Leather, transparencies and floral patterns summarize the collection. Pros: Lady-like, adaptable to any body shape. Cons: If you match them the wrong way and you’d pretty much look like a bitter old lady. Comments: The black leather jacket on the last comparison I just adore. That neck detail, like the Burberry one, makes our necks look longer. Also, the chemise on the second comparison took my breath away. The color’s perfect and I’m a big fan of transparencies, plus, the cut is baggy so you’re able move freely and can hide any tummy if existent, oh! And you appear to be slimmer. Sounds good, huh?

Well, that was it for today! What do you think? Are you Burberry or Mulberry? I’d happily wear both!

Take care, crazy diamonds, and remember to shine all over and dream on, what else if not? See you soon! Lotta Love. Ciao!


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Mulberry & Burberry: Berry different indeed (Part 1)


So, originally I was going to write a post about my Top Three Looks from the Mulberry’s Spring-Summer 2013 Collection but, as I was doing my research, my aunt came by and made the following comment: “Mulberry? Wasn’t it Burberry?”


Mulberry and Burberry are very different, really. But hey! I get it; someone who doesn’t spend as much time as most of us in between Vogue’s pages is allowed to get all tangled up. I mean, phonetically speaking they’re quite similar. And well, they’re both from England, but that’s it.

Mulberry (founded in 1970) focuses in leather goods, especially women’s handbags. Eventually it developed Womenswear and Menswear and footwear, but those lines weren’t its main objective. Burberry Prorsum (latin for “forward”), on the other hand, started producing trench coats in 1856. This piece of clothing is probably the most characteristic article of the fashion house; and, it’s one of the favorites of the royals. According to the Voguepedia “Fetch me my Burberry,” King Edward VII would instruct his valet.

At the moment Burberry Prorsum produces clothes, fashion accessories and fragrances. Its distinctive mark is the checkered pattern below:Burberry Pattern

Now, this is all very interesting and all but what about their style? This, we’ll be talking about on the second part of the post. See you there? Hope so! ; )

Have a wonderful day, crazy diamonds! And remember to shine all over and dream on all day every day! Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


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