Cavalli’s “Gothic-Chic”- Prefall 2013 (Sneak Peek)

Have you seen Roberto Cavalli’s latest collection? Here’s a sneak peak!

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Cavalli’s “Gothic-Chic” (Part 3)

Hi, there! : )

It’s almost weekend and to celebrate, let’s see the winner of Roberto Cavalli’s Prefall 2013 Collection’s Top 3, shall we?

Here you go!


3) Look C. THIS IS CAVALLY, ladies and gentlemen! This. Is. Cavalli. Wow! This beautiful dress is the result of the sum of baroque patterns plus animal print; what a clever mixture of patterns and textures! The gloves are the cherry on top. The animal print at the skirt makes the eye believe the garment is shorter, why? Because the actual dress is the baroque pattern. The details at the torso can make you look wider but, who cares?! You’ll look killing classy. See the brown thing that’s framing the skirt? It’s to mark divisions and redefine the waist, making us look both: taller and thinner (so it sort of lessens the effect of the torso).

I LOVE IT!!! Don’t you? Walking around in THIS practically transforms you into a work of art.

Well, crazy diamonds, that was it for Cavalli’s Prefall 2013 but don’t be sad! Next week we’ll have some haute couture to finish the first month of the year with the best of the best. Shine all over and dream on! It’s cloudy lately and we might need some more light : )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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Cavalli’s “Gothic-Chic” (Part 2)

Hey hey!

Ready for the second place of Roberto Cavalli’s Prefall 2013 Collection is:


2) Look B. I’m in love with this dress! The details on the shoulders make our arms look leaner and longer, the black edge on the collar defines the center and guides us to the thin aperture for the cleavage, which slices our torso into two and makes us look slimmer. The black line right at the waist doesn’t go all around, why? Because its length is actually smaller than the waist, see? The skirt falls beautifully and gives our legs space to walk and dance and just be.

I so need it in my closet! So innocent yet classy and that gloomy air is catchy, don’t you think?

See you soon, crazy diamonds! Remember, tomorrow we’ll be presenting the first place! So excited! : D But in the mean time, shine all over and dream on because, well, like Coldplay says: “God gave you style and gave you grace. And put a smile upon your face”.

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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Cavalli’s “Gothic-Chic” (Part 1)

No one does exoticism like Roberto Cavalli, and his Prefall 2013 collection is no exception. This time he picked up a darker palette and tons of geometric and baroque patterns perfect for a gothic-chic.

This is the third place of my Roberto Cavalli Prefall 2013 Collection’s Top 3:


1) Look A.  This dress has sharp and defined lines that sort of square the body. The fabric falls easy.  The top part ends at exactly one third of the torso to give the illusion of a taller person. The black and white lines dividing the garment help this purpose, as well as the length of it. The lighter colour is on top and the darker just below. Why? Because darker colours make us look thinner and the impression of “thin” is given by the size of the waist and the hips (located at the block with the wine tint).

What do you say? Simple yet fashionable. And comfortable. I’ll take one, please!

Second day of the week, crazy diamonds! Keep shining all over and dreaming on like you surely were on the weekend ; ) Positive mood, guys!

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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Oscar de la Renta: My Kind of Fashion (Part 3)


Isn’t it exciting? It’s Thursday already! Which means we’ll be enjoying our weekends in short! (and, of course, in a very fashionable way)

Ready to see the winner of my Oscar De La Renta’s Prefall 2013 Collection?

Take a look!


3) Look C.

Blouse: Pink and fantastic, honestly. The volume it’s got disguises stomach bumps if any, and the neck detail frames our necks making them look longer. The buttons right in the middle mark the symmetry and make us look slimmer and taller (yes, all that just with buttons in the middle). NOTE: When wearing a blouse, bring a huge necklace along so it divides your body and give the illusion of a thinner you.

Skirt: Same cut as the one on the first look: not too loosen and not too tight. Must be worn right below the ribs so it makes our torso look longer (and therefore, we look taller and slimmer, VERY important when wearing horizontal lines).

Jacket: Short sleeved, horizontal lines and framing the center so it seems the center is all there is (meaning, people’s minds think we’re as thin as the portion of our blouse showing). Dark colour to make us look thinner. Damn, these designers know everything! Shoes? Pointy heels, of course.

What do you think? Do you agree with my top 3? Did you like the winner?

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I have to go but it was lovely to be read by you, crazy diamonds! Shine all over and dream on because the world is short on little sunshines like you!

Take Care. Lotta Love. See you soon!



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Oscar de la Renta: My Kind of Fashion (Part 2)

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Hi, hi! How are you doing today, huh? Me? Fantastic!

Time to carry on with the best looks of Oscar de la Renta’s Prefall 2013 Collection! Ready to see the second place? I am!


2) Look B.

Chemise: The chemise is a wise and safe choice for anyone. A white shirt is always a must, and one like this, with the round neckline and the little “v” aperture at the top and vertical pleats (to make us look longer and thinner) is a gift sent from God, or should I say Oscar de la Renta?

Necklace: Big necklaces are a good idea most of the times, why? Because they divide our torso vertically making us look taller and thinner, and, if the one you have ends like this, right on top of your belly button, helps dissimulate any bumps if any.

Jacket: The jacket is beautiful! The colours (blue and emerald – the colour of 2013) are perfect because, remember, darker colours make us look slimmer! The cut is great because it isn’t too tight and the green edges serve the purpose of creating an imaginary extra layer to stylize the whole look. Note: Jackets make you look fitter most of the time because they limit the amount of shirt to notice, meaning they create an optical illusion that make people believe you’re as thin as the portion of chemise showing!

Pants: Classical cut enlarging the hips (to make our waists look smaller) and embracing the legs (though giving them space). What for? To make us look taller. Classical pointy heels are the right shoes for this outfit, though it may vary.

Belt: Intelligent accessory that divides our bodies one more time and mark the symmetry of the outfit (the main piece is right in the middle).

Great for a second place, isn’t it? Imagine the first one!!!!

Have a great day, my Crazy Diamonds! And, you know, shine all over and dream on even when you don’t feel like it, you know why? Because that’s what you’re meant to do, and if you do what you’re meant to do, you’ll always feel better.

Gotta go but see you soon, alright?

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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