Friday is Here! Don’t Go Crazy (Yet)! First, Go Classy: Alexandre Vauthier

I know Fridays are for partying, but before we lose our senses, how about cultivating our Fashion gut? (To balance, you know?)

Alexandre Vauthier’s Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2013/4 Collection is one of the classiest yet sexiest I’ve seen, I highly recommend you to take a look.

Its main characteristics:

  • Colour Palette: Black, White, Pearl Nude
  • Cuts: Skinny Jeans with a Wrapped-Around Touch, polished tailoring
  • Key Concept: Wrap Around
  • Adjectives: Clean, Sexy, Classy
  • Attention To: See how he chooses between cleavage or legs? This way, you give your outfit an alluring touch without losing your poise.

My favourite outfits:

0020h_859719583_north_552x 0050h_265295152_north_552x 0140h_590166649_north_552x 0200h_20572200_north_552x



“Croisière” with “C” of CHANEL

Chanel is one of my favourite maisons because of the way it mixes relaxation and formality without leaving elegance and chicness behind. This season, wasn’t the exception.

The palette of the collection is mostly composed by black, white, creme and navy blue, pretty basic colours easy to combine and adapt to the occasion.

Unusual cuts for skirts and lots of lace are the main components of the equation.

Shorts are a must, and blazers are the perfect complement.

The following are my top looks. My fav ones are both creme coloured: nº 5 & nº 6

Which are yours?
















I Want MORE: TOP Accessories From Dior’s and Chanel’s Shows FW 13/4

When it comes down to a runway show, clothes aren’t the only thing shinning up there; truth be told, accessories must be given a big part of the credit as well. They stylise the models, a HUGE deal, mainly because they must show the uniqueness of the brand’s personality through her body. And that’s why today we’ll be seeing Dior’s and Chanel’s accessories from their latest collections. Here they are:

Which one fits you better?

1. Dior – Fantastic Chic

1_full-visio 5_full-visio2. Chanel – Futuristic Elegance

chanel-collector-haute-couture-nail-rings chanel-haute-couture-fall-winter-2013-14-off-the-catwalk-01 chanel-haute-couture-fall-winter-2013-14-off-the-catwalk-03 chanel-haute-couture-fall-winter-2013-14-off-the-catwalk-04


Carry Me Home!: Trending Bag Styles 2013/4

Personally speaking, bags are one of my favourite accessories, only behind shoes.

So, as we all know wearing backpacks for school is outdated. My choices for college are usually maxi bags or messenger bags. Black or brown. They’re much easier to combine.

Here is a selection of the trending bag styles of this and next season. Marked with this logo are my Top 3.

Which one is your favourite?