Haute Couture For Better Times: Vionnet Fall – Winter 2013/4

If there’s something that ALWAYS makes me feel better is fashion; more specifically, haute couture. I don’t know, it makes me think (and believe) that better times will come.

Here, I present you my medicine garments for a rainy day. These are the best looks according to myself of Vionnet’s Fall – Winter 2013/4 Haute Couture Collection.

I summarise this collection in three words: leather, pleats and majesty.

Which one’s your fave?



Vionnet_001_2000_426x639 Vionnet_003_2000_426x639 Vionnet_005_2000_426x639 Vionnet_010_2000_426x639


Alexis Mabille: Petites Seulement (Part 3)

Yellow, crazy diamonds!

Winner’s day today and I’m sure you’re dying to know what the winner design looks like!

Well, why make you wait? Here it is. The winner of the Top 3 of the Alexis Mabille’s Spring-Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collection:


3) Look C. Formal but feminine. It’s sort of the hybrid of the previous two looks, don’t you think? It includes the innocence of the third place and the seriousness of the second.

The flounces add this sort of royal and romantic air to the outfit, don’t they? Only high-class ladies wore them back when they were in vogue. The walking, as you might notice on the photo, gets enhanced by the delicate and caressing movement of the fabric with every step. Thanks to what? To the layers and the frills.

The amount of fabrics also serves the purpose of lengthening the figure, so you appear to be taller.

Now, the jacket, like the one on the second place, enlarges the torso. Why? Because of the belt at the waist, the buttons on the chest and the crossed neckline.

Pay attention to the way the lower part of the jacket embraces the hips: what does it do? It makes them look bigger.

An important thing to mention is the colour: white usually makes everything look larger than it really is. Again, this is why Mabille designs for petites, because his clothes provide them a silhouette.

Still, a pretty outstanding outfit, isn’t it? Would you wear it for a formal brunch?

Have a wonderful weekend, crazy diamonds. Here’s a challenge for you: I dare you to shine all over and dream on at least 17 times through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Why? Because.

Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



3rd place: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-h3

2nd place: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-h6

Photos taken from VOGUE Spain: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/primavera-verano-2013-paris-alexis-mabille-1/7945

Alexis Mabille: Petites Seulement (Part 1)

Hello, crazy diamonds!

How have you been lately, huh? Fabulous, I bet!

So, this week we’ll talk a little about Alexis Mabille, the French designer who has worked at Nina Ricci as an intern, designed jewels for Dior, and then turned into the head designer of Dior Homme.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

What do you say if we take a look to his Spring-Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collection? Of course, following the tradition of the Top 3.

Here’s the third place:


1) Look A. If you looked for the word “pretty” in the dictionary, you’d find a photo of this dress. C’mon, you have to admit it! It’s the cutest thing on earth! This is what I would call an innocent lady –like garment.

Now, this is one of those dresses that look better on really thin bodies. Why? Because if you’re a woman with hips, you’d break the vertical straight lines the piece is made of. It’s like the body is already shaped on the structure of the dress.

Another reason this dress is best for skinny people, is the fact that the neckline is really low, and with those frills on the shoulders, the chest, and therefore the ribcage, look thicker; thus, you look bigger.

The long sleeves adhered to the arms make them look longer and leaner.

The belt on the waist marks a division that gives the body of the model a sort of hourglass silhouette. If it were up to me, I’d take away the ribbon.

Finally, the pleats on the skirt and the length of it add to the movement some kind of childish motion, due to the playfulness and freedom of the fabric.

The shoes are cute, though it would look better with pointy nude stilettos.

The colour is perfect for the season and one of the classiest on the palette.


Gotta go, crazy diamonds, but you go step outside and be childish and cute like today’s design. Shine all over. Dream on. Who knows what might happen if you do ; )

Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE Spain: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/primavera-verano-2013-paris-alexis-mabille-1/7945

Ulyana Sergeenko: The New Kid On The Fashion Week (Part 3)

Yellow, there!

How’s your day today, huh? Perfect, of course, and you know why? Because it’s Thursday! And Thursdays are “Winner’s Day”! And if you’re reading this you certainly are one of them ; )

Speaking of, ready to meet the winner of Ulyana Sergeenko’s Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 Collection Top 3?

Here it comes!


3) Look C. What a dress, ladies and gentlemen! What a dress! I mean, look at it! It’s the word gorgeous incarnated! * – *

Fabric. The colour of the fabric I just love. Green is the colour of the year and this one brings light to her face, making her features softer and taking years away from her face. Perfect for the season, obviously, I mean, spring equals vegetation and life and flowers and nature in general.

Cleavage/Neckline. Showing the elbows is usually a strategy to make the neck look longer, but it usually makes the ribcage look wider, that’s why there’s a long “V” cleavage on the way, to make the torso look longer and the ribcage small again.

High cut skirt/Waist. The cut at the waist marks it and hides the tummy if any. Also, makes her look taller. Same with the way the fabric falls: it forms vertical pledges that lengthen the figure.

So, happy with the winner? I really am.

It’s almost Friday, which means almost weekend, so brighten up and shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Today’s quite a day!

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



3rd place: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-gp

2nd place: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-gs

Photos taken from: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/primavera-verano-2013-paris-ulyana-sergeenko/7949