December, * almost * winter. We’re a few days from kissing Fall and its earth tones away and welcoming the brightest season!

I personally adore December; for me, It’s amazing how this month is able to materialise this duality of being one of the coldest and yet the warmest periods of the year: let the temperature drop and our Christmasy joy begin to rise! Warm and fuzzy feelings start to outburst our pretty little hearts and it is visible through our eyes, our smiles, and of course, our actions. We suddenly feel nostalgic for family and friends, we sigh at the thought of our parents and brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, united around the evergreen Christmas tree, we want to hold and be held in order to express our love and support. And we also like to hold and be held because, man, it’s getting freaking cold.

Cold. Cold. Cold.

Now, most people would grab a scarf in order to keep their necks protected from the freezing breeze, aren’t I right? But let me tell you a secret: when it gets cold, grab some gold. No, seriously, because eventually that scarf will go away and what will you have left? A sad empty chest. My suggestion? A golden necklace to match your heart. The lights on the trees aren’t the only ones meant to be shining this season, you know?

I have a strong inclination towards heavy necklaces: huge statements, but I do understand some others prefer lighter details and well, I included some of those too. Because people.


Here, my favourite trends for Golden Necklaces this season:






Zara_ ChainNecklace2




Did you like them? What’s your favourite? And here’s an idea, now that we’re grabbing gold, how about giving some away? Donate to your favourite cause, whether it is health or kids or nature or animals, more specifically. Are you renewing your closet? Give those clothes away! Don’t know where to? No problem! Sell them and donate! And what about gifts. Oh, gifts. For every new item, gift another from your belongings (To someone who really needs it, not your equally as hoarder bff).

For an actually small percentage of us, Christmas is a precious period full of joy, delicious meals and warm homes. We’re privileged. Lots of people don’t share these seasonal benefits. Let’s spread the love. When it gets cold, grab and give some gold. 

All the love, all the best,



Napsugar Von Bittera: Bittersweet Fashion For Bittersweet Gals

I love novelties: there’s no pleasure like innovation, I believe, and that’s why Napsugar Von Bittera’s latest collection (Autumn-Winter 2014) just took my breath away.

Ok, maybe it didn’t take my breath away, but after seeing some of the pics of the runway show I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I decided to write it down instead.

What should we know about NVB?

–       It’s a Hungarian 5 year-old brand

–       The designer used to build garments for films (pretty awesome, huh?)

About the collection:

–       Laser-cut leather pieces (to die for)

–       Main colour palette: black, blue, white

–       White chemises are the key to success – a classic!

–       Conventional clothes with an unconventional touch to create a memorable outfit

My faves:




Photos taken from VOGUE.UK


Me? Ordinary? I Don’t Think So: Ann Demeulemeester SS2014

Honestly speaking, I think wanting to be noticed is a natural thing; but remember, be seen for the right reasons. For example, a daring outfit.

Classics are trend less, timeless, eternal; innovation is leadership, dictating trends, being a role model. The latest thing is what Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring- Summer Ready-To-Wear Collection is all about.

M A I N     C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S:

– Asymmetry

– Florals

– Contrast: Stiff & Heavy VS Soft & Ethereal

– Colour palette: Black, White, Red




B E S T     L O O K S

ann-demeulemeester-rtw-ss2014-runway-29_093520920718 ann-demeulemeester-rtw-ss2014-runway-16_093508576538 ann-demeulemeester-rtw-ss2014-runway-10_093502175648 ann-demeulemeester-rtw-ss2014-runway-08_093500226248 ann-demeulemeester-rtw-ss2014-runway-04_093457632987

Hear Me Roar!: Monclare Gamme Rouge Spring – Summer 2014 Collection

Paris Fashion Week is loaded with grateful surprises, and Monclare Gamme Rouge’s latest collection is one of them.

MGR’s proposal takes animal print to the next level: animal texture.

MGR’s designers are aware that their key component may be a bit too much, that’s why the cut of the garments is somewhat kept simple.

Remember, balance is the key.

MGR’s Spring – Summer Ready – To -Wear 2014 Collection is defined by:

– Animal Print (Texture!)

– Minimalistic Cuts

– Waist (High Waisted Cuts, Belts)

– Legs showing

– Flats with strings (YES! FLATS!)

– Vertical Zippers

– Vests

Take a look and tell me what ya think! ; )



moncler-gamme-rouge-rtw-ss2014-runway-28_103249538868 moncler-gamme-rouge-rtw-ss2014-runway-20_103242739964 moncler-gamme-rouge-rtw-ss2014-runway-13_103236920734 moncler-gamme-rouge-rtw-ss2014-details-23_11531185623 moncler-gamme-rouge-rtw-ss2014-runway-12_103235611000 moncler-gamme-rouge-rtw-ss2014-runway-09_103233986004

Pollock Would Be Proud – CÉLINE Prêt-à-porter SS14 Collection

Hi, hi!

How have you been lately, huh?!

I know, I know… it’s been a while. However, I’m back ; )

So tell me, what have you been up to? Have you checked out the new collections presented during NY Fashion Week? What about Paris’?

Speaking of Paris’, Céline’s latest collection amazed me. Walking around covered in modern art is definitely a dream come true, isn’t it?

The collection summarises itself like this:

  • Colour palette: Black, white, beige, primary colours and green
  • Patterns: Brush strokes
  • Key Garments: Loose skirts
  • Details: Huge collars. Highlighted collars (different colour)

Wanna see?

Enjoy! ; )



celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-26_103856219683 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-24_103854652076 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-23_103853435114 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-21_103852287645 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-20_103851448618 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-17_103848346674 celine-rtw-ss2014-runway-1_103848346674

Haute Couture For Better Times: Vionnet Fall – Winter 2013/4

If there’s something that ALWAYS makes me feel better is fashion; more specifically, haute couture. I don’t know, it makes me think (and believe) that better times will come.

Here, I present you my medicine garments for a rainy day. These are the best looks according to myself of Vionnet’s Fall – Winter 2013/4 Haute Couture Collection.

I summarise this collection in three words: leather, pleats and majesty.

Which one’s your fave?



Vionnet_001_2000_426x639 Vionnet_003_2000_426x639 Vionnet_005_2000_426x639 Vionnet_010_2000_426x639